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We prefer that the customer register the domain so they have full control. It's always in the domain owners best interest to register the domain IOHO. If the client has never set up an account, This Godaddy Tutorial will demonstrate that it is easy (and cheap). However, if the client wants us to manage and/or control the domain then change the 'no' to 'yes' in the form. We will check to see if the domain is open. Then and only then ... we will register the domain for you - for free - - if the plan cost is $110+ or more.

BTW: This service is provide to keep up with our competitor's. But some of the competitor's offer this server so that THEY CONTROL your domain. Then if you try to change host - they will hold your domain name as hostage. Do Not Worry - we will NOT follow this procedure! But for your peace of mind, we still suggest that your register the domain yourself. (it's only $9/year at Godaddy and other low price domain registration companies :)

BTW: Be very careful when typing the domain name - we will copy n paste it into the system. If you make a mistakes, it will be your responsibility to pay for a name change.

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