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Basic FTP Setup Instructions

Specializing in WS-FTP LE Setup

This example is for WS-FTP LE (obsolete freeware - replaced by WS-FTP Pro). However, it contains all the important info required for other FTP programs. It also contains a short explanation of 'CHMOD'. (BTW: The new Mozilla FireFox browser has an extension for FTP that looks very similar to the old WS-FTP LE)

BTW: Page loads slow but a picture is worth a thousand words:

Open WS-FTP LE so the Sessions box shows:
Open WS-FTP LE n Click New
Click on New (will load a blank)

Fill in the info as shown
Critical info is ftp.domainname username password
Profile name = Any account name you like :)
Host Name/Address= ftp.yourdomainname note
Host Type = Automatic detect
User ID = your account username
Password = your account password
Optional - check the save pwd (password)
Note For initial setup
Until your domain resolves
use address=
BTW: domainname = full domain name and extension

Click on the 'Startup' tab
Startup n set Remote Folder = /public_html
Initial Remote Site Folder = /public_html
Initial Local Folder = C:\... hard drive file location
Remote file mask = -al (minus al)
The -al shows hidden files
VIP = click 'Apply' to save

Click Ok to connect:
LeftTop = Harddrive Folders n RightTop = Server Folders
After you connect
The Left Column shows hard drive files/directories.
The Right Column show server files / directories
There are several ways to move into directories- double click the up arrow to move up one level. Dbl click a folder name to open it. But if you dbl click a file it will transfer to the 'other side'
Tip: Watch the 'path' info for both sides so you know where you are uploading / downloading. Many people get lost and upload in the wrong place .. just because they don't 'look up' :)

To move files between hard drive and server:
Move Files n Folders with ARROW or Drag n Drop

Select (highlight) the desired files and use the 'arrow' that points in the move direction.
Hint: The shift key and ctrl key functions that work in Explorer will let you select multipy files :)
Of course, you can also use 'drag n drop' to move files :)

This section pretty well covers the 'basics' BUT :

Tutorials to make life easier

VIP = images, sound, mpg, etc are binary
Text Files n Binary Files Uploads are NOT the same
So you set to Binary to upload them
But you set to ASCII for html, php, etc
Many people forget which type to select

So you may want to preset the ASCII types:
Start with the Options Button to preset files
From the bottom menu - Click 'Options'

Then from the top tabs
Move into Extensions
Click on 'Extensions'

Then use the 'Add' option
Use Add Button to build list of text files
To build a list of
ALL ASCII file types
See above examples

Now you set the upload option:
Change Upload Option to AUTO
to 'Auto'

Summary: if you build a list of all the ASCII files and set the extension list, then you can set all uploads to Binary n Auto

P.S. Otherwise, it's very easy to forget to change types and then wonder why nothing works :(

More hints (including CHMOD)

Select file/directory will activate buttons:
Select (highlight) file or folder n use BUTTONS
You can work on the server structure or your hard drive
Button functions are:

Permission settings are very important:
Select n Use Right Mouse / menu to CHMOD
To set permissions for CGI / perl scripts:
Select the file or directory
Then use the right mouse to show the menu
Where you click on chmod (UNIX)

To learn what Read(r) Write(w) eXecute(x) to use:

CHMOD Explanation:

CHange MODe (CHMOD) is the Unix command and system call to change the access permissions of a file or directory. In other words, CHMOD means to set permission.

The most common chmod value (for scripts) is 755 which = (rwx r-x r-x). In many cases, you will have to convert from a numerical value to the rwx values. The following table shows the values for (r), (w) and (x) and an example for 755.

Example for 755
  Owner Group Public
read=4 X X X
write=2 X    
execute=1 X X X
Totals (4+2+1)=7 (4+1)= 5 (4+1)=5

Adsense Dead

Owner Has

Gone Fishing