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Quick Start - Domain Registration

Setting Up Godaddy (or another) Account

This example is for registration (our favorite low price registrant). However, the concepts for domain registration are basically the same. It's really easy to register a domain - there are many registration sites that charge less than $10/year for each domain. However, watch out - because most will try to entice you into a bunch of extra's during registration. And you can quickly get back to the high prices charged by and (i.e. $35 /year for each domain - which is a 'ripe off' IMHO).

However, the BIGGEST tip you'll ever get for domain registration is : DO NOT let your web host register for you. Many will offer to register the domain for free when you sign up. That is an underhanded trick to make sure it'll be more difficult for you change web host in the future. In other words, if you want to change web host - you have to try to get the web host (or web master) to make the NS (DNS) name server changes. And they will then try to convince you to remain with their service (or worst yet - they may drag their feet and not allow you to move your page immediately. And of course, they will want to continue to be the registrant for your domain - but then they will tell you that it's going to cost you $35/year (or they will try to convince you that you have to sign up for 3 years at a discount of $100 (again much more than the $9/year at godaddy and a lot of other domain registrant).

P.S. We offer free domain hosting ONLY because our competitors make this offer. However, we do NOT recommend that you allow ANYONE to purchase your domain name on your behalf, including a web hosting company (Not even us - despite the fact WE will not play use the nasty tricks that other host use) ! In other words, you really should Always register your own domain - even if someone offers to do it for you - for free ! !

The main 5 steps at Godaddy are:

  1. Check Domain Name Availability
  2. Select Length of Your Registration
  3. Create Your Contact Information
  4. Select From Hosting Options
  5. Confirm Your Registration Details
VIP: With the new registration rules - be sure to check that your domain is locked after you register (it's free). This will keep a 'hacker' from transferring your name without your permission.

Go To Godaddy.Com
Check domain name
Enter Desired Domain Name
Select Extension (com, etc)
Check to see if open

Domain Taken
Domain Already Registered by others
Either check out alternate 'extensions'
Or go back and try for another domain name

Domain Open:
Domain is open - first step of 5
Note: This is Step 1 of 5
Check all 'extensions' required

Smart Registration (recommended)
Find Smart Registration Button
Go Down - Use Smart Registration

New Account Info:
New Account info - setup new account
Click 'no' (for no previous account)
Select length of registration
Fill in the *required* info

Private Info / Auto Renew:
Select Public / Private options n Auto Renew
You must decide (but I do public)
Private means all domain 'loads' go thru
Their server (and cost about $9 more)
(Not worth the extra layer n money IMHO
Auto Renewal means credit card info on file :(

Enter Name Server:
Enter the DNS - name server info from the web host
This example shows client with a
Web Host i.e. DNS (name server)
info was already acquired
Most web host instructions provide this info
(the example shown is for one of my services)
VIP: If NS unknown - use 'free parked' option

Proceed to Checkout:
Proceed to check out
Check the Domain Agreement (after reading)
(Next are many offers (you don't need :)

Many Offers (more $$$):
Page offers many options - you do not need
Button Hidden at Bottom - under
A lot of advertisements
For things you probably do not need

No Thanks:
Specials page with no thanks on top
This "Specials" page - hides
the exit in the 'no thanks' link

Select Pay Method::
Select between credit card, check and Paypal
Brainfart: Perhaps if you have .org (non-profit)
with PayPal Donation Button Account
Paypal may be good 'tax' choice :)

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