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POP n SMTP Email Setup

Basic Email Setup Properties

This example is for Outlook Express; however, it contains all the important info required for other mail programs.

VIP: The most common problem is that the ISP blocks external SMTP port 25, so you can receive email from your private web host - but you can NOT send (or reply). To solve this problem you need to use the SMTP settings from your ISP (per their instructions) while using the POP settings from your web host.
Alternate: Some web host offer an alternate SMTP port - such as Port 26 or Port 587 - contact your web host.

Email Setup Tips load slow

Picture is worth a 1000 words:

Tools - Accounts
Click Tools n Accounts

Mail tab - Add
Mail Tab n Add

Add Mail
Use Add Mail

Enter Name

Settings = mail.yourdomainname.ext
Server Settings use mail.yourdomainname for POP n SMTP
VIP: If ISP blocks Port 25
Reference note in heading or last two images on this page.

Username password
Account Username n Password
VIP: The account name / username often requires more than a username.
During account setup, a requirement such as:
means the + must be included as the account name (username)
Varies from host to host but ibdhost accounts do require the exact format such as

After - you 'finish' the wizard. Then select (highlight) the account and click on properties. You'll need to check or make a couple of adjustments depending on your ISP and port 25.
Select account under mail tab n use properties button

Check Include
Recommended option = set to include this account when receiving mail

Many servers require authentication to be set

Must Use the APPLY Button to Save Changes
It's amazing how many people forget to use the 'apply' and then they can't understand why the settings don't 'hold' :roll:

See notes in heading - but worth repeating
Warning: If your ISP blocks port 25 - and many do. You will not be able to reply / send with the previous SMTP settings. You will have to use the ISP settings for sending.
Or use the alternate ports provided by your host (see note in heading)
ISP May Block Port 25- Must use SMTP Settings FROM ISP

Most ISP's will require that you go into the 'settings' and use your account user name n password?
Use Settings to Enter ISP Username n Password

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