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Neighborhood Association (NA)
HomeOwner Association(HOA)
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HOA / NA Example Content

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Site contains simple examples of free php web page templates that use html includes!

The Beauty of it All:

Is that your Neighborhood Association (NA) will be able to generate revenue from this type web site. For example, you can sell t-shirts, caps, coffee mugs, etc with the neighborhood 'name'. Or allow payment of membership dues - with a credit card / PayPal business account.

All this will be controlled by an easy to use online form that will link to your PayPal Business Account. (BTW: we can provide tips for setting up a Business (not personal) Account at PayPal)

The site is made up of 'pieces' which are 'HTML included files' (pulled together) to form each page. That makes it easy to change the colors (an included style sheet), change the heading, menu, etc all at once - just by changing the individual files.
Summary: It is Very easy to modify the Entire site using php 'includes' as described on the template instruction page on BTW: The Master Template Code is free.

The left side menu is divided into (coded) sections that show each menu option /for/ each plan. All plans include powerful cPanel features. (Reference: )

Quick Summary:
  • 4 options / 5 email / no free training hrs = budget plan ($60/yr)
  • 9 options / 25 email / free 4hrs/mo = pauper plan ($110/yr)
  • 14 options / 50 email / free 8 hrs/mo = prince plan ($200/yr)
  • 17 options / 100 email / free 24hrs/mo = king plan ($500/yr)
  • Typical Scripts Installed (e.g. Calendar, page generator, etc) ($50/ea)

Note: Competitors prices are typically - $500+ / Setup Fee and $80+/month for a total of almost $1500/yr.
With our Uranium plan - including a couple of scripts such as Calendar and a password protected administration program - your total cost is only $600 /yr.

Bottom line is - you can begin small (less than $10 month) and grow into a Full featured site (which is customized to your taste and the cost is still less than 1/2 what our competitors charge).

Homepage Example

Neighborhood Association (NA)
Homeowners Associaton (HOA)

Mission Statement & Purpose
  • Our neighborhood association (or homeowner) services exists to preserve, protect and improve the quality of life of the residents i.e. to 'save our neighborhood'
  • We will strive to improve the appearance and safety of the neighborhood.
  • We will help neighborhoods become more involved in the decision-making process of the development and maintenance of the city.

The 'Your Neighborhood Association' (YNA) (or Homeowner Association) is located in Your City, Your State. The YNA was founded . . . . This will be your neighborhood web page (web site template) so this is just typical filler material e.g this is a free neighborhood template for information only. BTW: Header, buttons, colors, layout, etc are easy to change.
Example / Sample NA information is :

The neighborhood is a quiet friendly section of Your City - with diverse residents that enjoy the peacefulness of the area. (Insert photo of houses Here)

Some of the YNA activities are picnics, neighborhood cleanup, computer workshops, vacation bible school, etc (reference menu and other pages - the possibilities are too numerous to list)

Many members are involved in the regular meetings where important topics and/or speakers are scheduled, - such as the Your City Officials, Local Business, Local Schools, etc. Scheduled events will be posted in the events calendar (menu)

As this web site grows, additional information for the Your Neighborhood Association (YNA) will be added to the site; therefore, be sure to check back often (or make this page your homepage ?)

'YNA' borders are:
Timberline Dr X Mustang Dr X Heritage Ave X Oak Forest Dr
(Insert Map Here)

Agenda Example

Neighborhood Association (NA)
Homeowners Associaton (HOA)
Agenda (Events / Plans)

September 1 Board Meeting at Sue's House
September 4 Fishing tourney for 13 and under - at Joe's Pond
September 15 Neighborhood Quarteryly Meeting
September 17 Park Clean - Call Sue before Sept. 15 to sign up.
September 25 Xmas in September
September 29 Crime Prevention Meeting at Police Substation (Board Officails Only)

Current Projects

  1. Repair 1st Ave Drainage
  2. Clean up neighborhood park
  3. Wash Presidents Car
  4. Remove Porta-Potty from Fire Station
Meeting Dates = First Monday - each month
Meeting Place = The basement in Sue's house.

To suggest other projects, contact us.

Board Members Example

Neighborhood Association (NA)
Homeowners Association (HOA)
Board Members

Official Name Address Contact
Sue Jones,
123rd Street
Little Rock
Bob Jones,
Private Private
Janey Smith,
NA Crime Watch
Phone: xxx-xxxx
Complaint Dept.
Phone: xxx-xxxx

Note: Use email to contact all officials.

For Sale Example

Neighborhood Association (NA)
Homeowners Association (HOA)
Items ForSale

Support your Neighborhood Association when you buy the special items shown below. The items can be purchase directly at any NA meeting. However, for those that prefer to pay with credit card - this form is 'just the ticket' :)
Buy a CD with all the php files that run this template site ($35) PayPal Button
Buy a Small T-shirt ($15) Fake PayPal
Buy a Medium T-shirt ($15) Fake Button
Buy a Large T-shirt ($15) Fake PayPal
Buy a Ex-Large T-shirt ($15) Fake PayPal
Buy a Neighborhood Beer Mug ($15) Fake PayPal
Buy a Left Hand Monkey Wrench ($55) Fake PayPal

History Example

Neighborhood Association (NA)
Homeowners Association (HOA)
Area History

The original settlement was all amazon women with old men for slaves. But as time passed the men slaves were replaced by hunks to serve the women.

As these hunks grew older they were put out to pasture to do all the cooking, cleaning, etc

Eventually the women elected a President for the Neighborhood Association (NA) and then installed a hunk as the second in command (for show only - to please the city officials).

Community Links Example

Neighborhood Association (NA)
Homeowners Associaton (HOA)
Useful Community Links

Links to local Business sites

Neighbor Grocery
Neighbor Bait Shop
Baptist Church Web Site
School Web sites
Neighborhood Plumber
Local Realtors
Local Home Rental Agency

City Links

City Officials
Association Rules and Regulations
Local Zoning
City Hall
Chamber Commerce
Animal Control
Revenue (License)
and on and on :)

To suggest other projects, contact us.

Membership Signup Example

Neighborhood Association (NA)
Homeowners Association (HOA)
Membership Submittal

The annual neighborhood association dues / membership fee is $10. Please complete the form and then submit / verify the information. You will then be able to pay by using a Credit Card and PayPal Secure (SSL) Service. (or send check by snail mail :)
   Your Email: 

   First Name: 
    Last Name: 

    Address 1: 
    Address 2: 




Minutes Example

Neighborhood Association (NA)
Homeowners Association (HOA)

Archive and Minutes

Blank for now 

The meeting minutes include the following information: 
The people that attended each meeting. 
The people that received copies of the minutes. 
The duration and location of the project meeting 
(sometimes it's important to know length).
The time and location of the next project meeting. 
Significant events that reported for each  project. 
All issues, action items and signification decisions. 
A running history of the events occurring around the
completion of an issue or action item. 
Included with the Meeting Minutes Template is a 
Meeting Minutes Template Sample.

The examples in the Sample are meant to be for illustration
only, but should provide a good reference on how to structure
and provide information for meeting minutes. 

Privacy Statement Example

Neighborhood Association (NA)
HomeOwner Association (HOA)
Privacy Statement

This privacy statement was created to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy. The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for the Neighborhood Association

If you have questions, contact us.

Providing Visitors with Anonymous Access

You can access our Web site home page and browse our site without disclosing your personal data.

The services and links of our Web site

Our Web site enables you to communicate with other visitors or to post information to be accessed by others. When you do so, other visitors may collect your data.

Automatic Collection of Information

We automatically log personal data by means such as programming or we link information automatically logged by such means with personal data about specific individuals. We do so for the following purposes:

    Technical administration of the Web site
          An IP address may be used to diagnose problems with our server, and to administer our Web site.

    Forum / Email Security:
          If the site contains a forum and/or message board then registration with options to hide email address will be included.

          We do not use cookies to store personal data nor do we link non-personal information stored in cookies with personal data about specific individuals.

Data Collection and Purpose Specification

We collect the personal data that you may volunteer while using our services.

We do not collect information about our visitors from other sources, such as public records or bodies, or private organizations.

We do not process credit cards! We use third party credit card processing services (such as PayPal).

Children's Privacy

We do not knowingly collect personal data from children.

Disclosure and Visitor Choice

We do not disclose your personal data to our subsidiaries or other organizations.

Upon your request, we will provide you with a description of the information that we maintain about you. We will accommodate all reasonable requests. Please contact us.

Sponsors Example

Your Neighborhood Association (NA)
Homeowners Association (HOA)
Local Sponsors

Store Photo Here

xxx Affiliated Foods
1234 W 65th Street
8AM - 10PM Mon-Sat

Photo Here

Local Realtor
22th Street
8AM - 10PM Mon-Sat

Other possibilies - apartment rental agency - home rental agency - real estate sales - or other sponsors that would pay for space on this page
Note: Some sponsors may supply coupons that could be added by the web master - then printed by customers.

Tell-A-Friend Form Example

Neighborhood Association (NA)
Homeowners Association (HOA)
Tell-A-Friend Form

Use this Tell A Friend Form (php script) to spread the word about your Neighborhood Association (NA) or Homeowners Association (HOA). Let your neighbors know that you have a NA website - so they can sign up for membership - etc :)

Send URL to Friend.
Your Name:
Your Email:
Friend's Name:
Friend's Email:
Contact Script :

BTW: Check the Feedback Form Tutorial or the Contact Us - these pages contain source code so users can generate their own php forms.

Contact Us Form Example

Neighborhood Association (NA)
Homeowners Association (HOA)
Email Contact Form

To avoid publishing an email address (hide your email address), all email is submitted via this php email form:

Your Name:
Your Email:

Mail Message:

BTW: There is a Free PHP Form Tutorial (with script code) for contact form submission.

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