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Hosting Plans

Free Additional Service n Support Items

All hosting plans include a money back guarantee within the 'refund period' shown in the following table. For a description of the hosting plans, review the ibdhost homepage. And be sure to check out the additional service table on this page. Keep in mind that many of these additional services are part of the free 'specials' for new clients.

Plan Comparison
Feature   Pauper Prince King
Disk Space 1   50MB 150MB 200MB
Bandwidth 1
Limit / Month
Click for
Email, POP   25 50 100
Email List   2 4 10
FTP   3 4 6
MySQL 1   6 10 20
Sub-Domains   4 6 8
cPanel, WebMail,
Auto Responder,
Stats, Raw Logs
  yes yes yes
SSH, Frontpage 2   NR NR NR
Free Hours
  4 hrs/mo 8 hrs/mo 24 hrs/mo
Refund Period
Money Back
  <8 days <16 days <31 days
Pay by Year
Credit Card
  $115 $210 $550
Pay by Year
With Check
  $110 $200 $500
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More Features

Additional Service and Products 4

Let us teach the webmaster how to setup custom scripts (perl and php). Or pay us to install the script. This service will supplement the free hours provided with the plans. $25/hr
Cart Setup
A shopping cart script can be setup from the cPanel by the customer. However, 4 hours hands on training is provided upon request. $100
Setup A
php Script
IBDhost hosting sets up a form for the web site and provide one hour form and php training. $25
Submit Site
To Search
IBDhost hosting helps with Meta tags and then submit the web site. Or the customer can do it by reading the Site Submittal Tips $25
Tutorial For
CGI Setup
IBDhost hosting spends an hour explaining 'chmod' (permissions) and how to use the absolute path for scripts. Or the customer can practice and learn at the CGI 101 page. $25
Setup Forum
n Configure
Plus Training
IBDhost hosting sets up the free phpBB forum and provide 2 hours of training (includes training for the administrator). $150
Setup Gallery
n Configure
Plus Training
IBDhost hosting sets up the free Gallery Photo Albums and provide 2 hours of training (includes training for the administrator). $150
Tutorial on
Basic Design
Plus Tips
IBDhost hosting spends two hours helping the customer obtain a good (A or B) grade based on design rules obtained from professional webmasters. The 'professional rules' are covered in the Design Rules Test. When site setup is complete, IBDhost will help validate the code at site. $50
Lake Class
After the customer reviews these installation instructions for setting up Java Applets , IBDhost hosting spends an hour finalizing the setup upon request. $25
Basic HTML
with Tips
IBDhost hosting spends three hours teaching basic HTML tags for a simple start page. IBDhost hosting will train the user to 'hand code' a page with an ASCII 'text editor'. (3 hours for price of 2 hours!) $50
PHP Form Script
Customized for
Your Form
If the customer needs a customized php script to process a form, IBDhost hosting spends a hour writing the php script. It will contain 'comments' so the customer can set up additional forms. $25

1     Some of the options / scripts in the cPanel are resource hogs. For example, a site that has a very popular forum, may exceed the bandwidth allowance. (see 'bandwidth' calculator link for estimations)

2     NR = Not Recommended for a newbie. Some options (such as SSH, MySQL Managers and Frontpage extensions) can be dangerous for a newbie. For example, it's easy to 'dump' a database or delete all directories. IBDhost hosting offers Frontpage but will not support this service on this 'apache' server. If Frontpage extensions are critical, the potential customer should probably use a service (host) with an IIS server.

3     The free hours of training are an added-value to help users learn new 'tricks' such as php forms, etc. The free hours will not be carried over from one month to the next. Also, a customer should not 'borrow' from the next month. BTW: if the customer needs additional hours, the 'charge rate' is LOW since many places charge $75 - $225 /hr.

4     Most of the training will be provide from ICQ #293062 (prince). Other methods are : Email, AIM (ibdprince), Yahoo (princeje), User to User Forum (for all register forum members).

Hire Web Master (Site Manager)
For IBDhost Accounts
Or Tutorials

Requested Scripts: There are 1000's of free scripts that we will install for our clients (PHP Examples).

We will check out a script that you request (for free) - to make sure it will run on the server. Then we will install it for $25/hour (In most cases we can install a script in 2 hours).

Save your time and money, our rate is 1/3 to 1/5 of most ISP web masters i.e. most ISP's will charge $75 to $125/hour.

    2hrs / $50

Hire Webmaster (Site Manager)

Let someone else do all the work :)
These are the webmasters (designers / managers) that we know and trust. They are not employee's of so all prices and estimations are typical 'ball park' estimations. We like:

To obtain a real price (quotation), contact the webmaster. They will require details on what you expect. Then they may be able to lower the price (or raise it - if Very frequent / daily changes are required).

These prices are just 'wild guesses' to help you decide if you want to learn to be a webmaster or hire one that is already familiar with this template / php includes.

The 'estimations' attempt to take into account the more complicated features / power of the higher price plans i.e. the rate varies depending on the features of each IBDhost plan.

Hrs/mo ++
Budget $25 $8/hr 2 hrs/mo $16/mo
Pauper $35 $12/hr 2 hrs/mo $24/mo
Prince $50 $15/hr 3 hrs/mo $45/mo
King $75 $20/hr 5 hrs/mo $100/mo
+The webmaster (site manager) will set up the template and work with you to 'redsign' change the colors - add logo etc. This does not include any 'logo' design - that may or may not be extra.
++The hrs/month are rough estimations of the average time/month - for a 12 month period. If average time exceeds these amounts, prices may increase.

BTW:     For more examples of the web masters work visit the Site Map .

Bottom line is do you want to hire someone with experience - or do you want to learn to design / manage the site yourself?

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